French Translation & Interpreting

  • Marketing communications and key messaging to hone
  • Website content to tailor to a foreign audience
  • Blogs to write
  • Property purchase documents you don’t understand
  • Staff contracts to translate
  • A meeting with a lawyer, notary or accountant
  • Liaison with contractors and professionals
  • Bewildering paperwork and correspondence…

Whatever you need, let me help you navigate the unfamiliar French linguistic terrain.

Caroline Marsh

A Love Story with Words…

Since I could first pick up a book, I’ve been an insatiable reader and a lover of language and languages. My talent for translation earned me the offer of a postgraduate teaching post after completing my honours degree in French and German. I went on to study a postgraduate Master of Science in International Marketing with Languages and, after a career in international marketing in Glasgow and London, I moved to the French Alps where I have run my own businesses for 19 years – first a ski chalet, then setting up my own business as a property consultant, and later also running Morzine’s first dedicated co-working space.
I became a full-time Translator & Interpreter in 2017 after 13 years’ work as a Property Consultant specialising in sales mediation between English and French-speaking clients. This involved a great deal of translation and interpreting as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry, so the transition to full-time Translator and Interpreter felt a natural one. It is great to have the opportunity to unite all my expertise and bring it to bear to help clients in many different situations – from marketing communications to property contracts to meetings with various professionals.

Lexiko is a French to English Translation and Interpreting Service based in the sparkling ski resort of Les Gets in the French Alps.

With 20 years of living and working in France and two degrees under my belt, I offer a unique breadth of linguistic, technical and practical expertise in property and construction, marketing and negotiation, as well as business, tourism and leisure marketing and communications.

I bring to the table a solid background in international marketing, translation, proofreading, copywriting and liaison interpreting in a variety of situations.

Bespoke solutions for your translation and interpreting needs

French to English translation

English to French translation




Contact me to discuss the project you have in mind. Below are the services available.

Meetings & Calls

​It can be daunting trying to put your point across in a foreign language or relying upon limited language skills on both sides to make each understood. Having a qualified French linguist by your side to interpret into your mother tongue can cut out misunderstandings and minimise stress and hassle. I can help with notary appointments, liaising with contractors, meetings with accountants, lawyers and other professionals, neighbour mediation, you name it.

Documents & Texts

​From French property contracts and supporting documents to work contracts, correspondence and admin via website content, blog entries and marketing communications, I specialise in meticulous, creative and fluent French/English and English/French translation.

Copywriting & Proofreading

Outline the salient points of your document or communication as well as its audience, purpose and the desired tone of your message and let me draft it for you. Outsource the effort of creating your own website content, press communications, blog entries and more…

How can I help?

Perhaps you already have a draft text? Sometimes all that’s needed is a pair of fresh eyes or a different perspective but, whatever the text, it’s always a good idea to have an expert do a thorough check for sense, spelling and grammar. I offer this service for both French and English texts.